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My name is Jacquelyn, the ambitious entrepreneur and visionary behind JAMM Brands LLC. But I didn’t start this way.

I always had dreams to serve in the United States Air Force. After I was denied acceptance into the Air Force Academy for the second time, I attended Fort Valley State University for a year. Then I transferred to Valdosta State University to continue my matriculation in Engineering and join the AFROTC program. But as fate would have it, I fell terribly ill, later being diagnosed with Lupus. That ended any hope of ever becoming an officer in the Air Force.

I struggled to find a job and to make money.

Finally, I received an opportunity for a part time job at a parts store working for $8/hr. I was sacrificing every weekend just to make enough money to support myself. I eventually realized that I was never going to achieve my dream of being financially independent by waiting on someone else to see my potential.

So, I set out to develop my own path.

After months of planning and refining, my first company JAMM Enterprises LLC was born; a small virtual call center. Through hard work and innovation I was able to grow my company and provide myself with a nice steady income stream. And all while going to Wiregrass Georgia Technical College and graduating from the Automotive Technology and Collision Repair programs.

But it didn’t end there.

I’ve always had higher hopes for myself and my business. Ultimately, I wanted to be successful through my own will and determination. I wanted to help someone reach their goals, in the way that I only wished someone would’ve helped me. I am passionate about creating new opportunities for communities and individuals. Therefore, I’m always searching for new talent, new ideas, new ventures, and new people to grow and collaborate with.

So, I began the development of different programs and businesses that could utilize my talents, skills, and passions.

JAMM Brands is where they all come together.




JAMM Brands LLC is founded on principles of commitment, respect, love, and purpose. This is why we believe that once we have made a better life for ourselves, we should help others better their lives as well. We proudly give back to the communities we serve and take every opportunity to leave a positive impact on the life of an employee, a customer, a partner, or a stranger.

We truly value our workers and clients. So, we work hard to maintain our principles and diligently carry out our mission.

The JAMM Brands mission is to provide opportunities and invest in the enrichment, growth, and success of individuals and communities.


Find out what the turning point was for me in my business journey, and how I went from an $8/hr job to living up to my fullest potential.



To your success,

Jacquelyn Mallard


P.S. If you asked me for one piece of information that helped me get started and become a success, this is it. Attend the training, and be sure to take notes. I have helped several people succeed and I’d like for you to be next.

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